We Are Looking For Helpers!

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We Are Looking For Helpers!

Post by Starscream on Tue Jul 29, 2014 10:42 pm

We are currently looking for folks to join our ' Helpers' team! 

Helpers create new posts featuring artwork, graphics and world posts on TheO here on the forum for people to enjoy. You will also be added as a guest poster on the TheOtaku Brigade world on TheO. 

What You Will Need:

★Good English skills
★A basic knowledge of how to post on this forum
★A passion for art/digital media
★A good eye
★An unbiased view
★The time to create posts for us (No set amount of posts required, so don't worry!)
★The ability to offer a review with both good points AND constructive criticism

Think you can do this? Comment or PM Starscream.
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